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World Bodypainting Champion 2014
Make-up Achievement of the Year  2013 

Hi, I'm Riina!

I'm a makeup artist, body painter, hairstylist and makeup designer creating looks for magazines, advertising, operas, music videos, and memorable events for both individuals and private clients.

My expertise ranges from enhancing natural beauty with delicate touches to crafting striking and imaginative face painting.  One of my proudest achievements is my mastery in the art of body painting, where I've earned the esteemed title of world champion. If you're curious to explore my body painting creations, you can visit

My creative preferences are versatile: I adore creating fresh, radiant, and classically beautiful natural makeup looks. On the other hand, my creativity sparks when bringing fantastical body art designs to life. The diversity of my work and collaborating with fellow professionals continually inspire me.  

Over the past 20 years, my love for this artistry has grown stronger and my experience has honed my skills, speed, and confidence, all the while embracing a bright and positive mindset.  

My strength lies in connecting with each client as their authentic selves, being able to listen and understand their needs. You can express your wishes to me, and there's no need to fear leaving my makeup chair unrecognizable (unless, you specifically seek an exciting transformation!). Every client and project holds equal value to me.

FUN FACTS: I laugh in 99% of the photos taken of me, so you might not believe how serious I look when I'm focused on my work! I believe in the power of manifestation, enjoy the thrill of riding my motorcycle, and have an undeniable soft spot for adorable bunnies!


Feel more beautiful than ever on your important day.

I promise you makeup and a hairstyle that will last from morning to dusk, ensuring you look stunning in photographs and fostering a sense of confidence in you on one of the grandest celebration days of your life.


Make-up artist & Body painter

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