The most beautiful makeup and hairstyles for you on your important day.

"Riina created absolutely wonderful wedding makeup and hairstyle for me, which perfectly matched my dress and made me feel like a truly beautiful bride. She planned and executed the whole look with impressive professionalism. The final result fulfilled all my wishes, exceeded all my expectations, and most importantly, moved the groom and the wedding guests to admiration.

 Riina's incredible expertise, firm time management, and naturally friendly, excellent service provided a fantastic start to our memorable day."


Feel more beautiful than ever on your important day.

I promise you makeup and a hairstyle that will last from morning to dusk, ensuring you look stunning in photographs and fostering a sense of confidence in you on one of the grandest celebration days of your life.

Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup can be:
...Natural and almost imperceptible.
...Bold and striking.
...Classic and elegant.  

Successful wedding makeup is suitable for you and reflects your look. It fits your personality and style. 

Professionally done makeup is refined, carefully applied, and always highlights your best features. The purpose of wedding makeup is to look good both up close and in photographs. Not thick, heavy layers, but a fresh, radiant and clean makeup.

Bridal hairstyle

Like wedding makeup, the hairstyle also reflects the wearer. It's part of a whole where all elements support each other. Relaxed, bohemian, or more graphic hairdos are all possible. The wedding dress, possible veil and hair accessories, jewelry, bridal bouquet, the theme of your wedding, and your own preferences create the foundation for this ensemble.

Photo: Hannika Photography

For your wedding makeup and hairstyle, there is only one rule - they must suit you and meet your desires

 During my career as a makeup artist, I have encountered hundreds of brides, so I know that each of you is wonderfully unique. There is no one-size-fits-all wedding look; instead, the style is tailored personally for each individual. I listen to you and your wishes. If you don't have specific ideas or can't decide, I have plenty of suggestions. I'm more than happy to help and propose options that I think would suit you best. Often, the best results come from planning together.

Most of my clients do not want a trial makeup and hairstyle, so these are not included in the package prices. If you like the work in my portfolio, you can be confident that I will create the look you desire. It can be light or bold, according to your wishes. You can send me idea images of your thoughts in advance, as well as a picture of yourself, so we can start thinking about the right look for you beforehand. However, if you would like a trial makeup and hairstyle planning, you can order it as an additional service. (See price list)


Pampering for the entire wedding party

On the wedding day, bridesmaids, mothers, and maid of honors are often present. They too usually have a lot of preparations to handle and might not have the time to focus on their own grooming. Beautiful and skillfully done makeup and hairstyles also crown their special day. The groom and best men should not be forgotten either. A light and unnoticeable touch-up ensures that they too look their best in photographs.

If you have a larger group and need more stylists, for example, due to scheduling, that can be arranged as well. I have a network of professionals from which I can find skilled additional hands to help execute the makeup and hairstyles for all of you.

Makeup and hairstyles at the location of your choice

I will come to wherever you wish - to the hotel, your home, the party venue. You save time as you don't need to go to a salon or makeup studio. I don't take any other clients on your wedding day, so I can be present as long as needed and help if you need some last-minute powdering.

In the space where we will be doing the makeup and hairstyles, there needs to be table space and electrical outlets nearby. The brighter the space, the better. However, I will bring a ring light with me, so an electrical outlet is more important! A lower chair is suitable for doing hairstyles, while a higher one is better for makeup application. If necessary, I can bring my own makeup chair (in this case, I just need a parking spot close by for my car).

Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much ❤️ It was a joy that you were part of the day and you did absolutely fantastic work for all of us 😍 The hairstyle and makeup were exactly what I wanted and both lasted perfectly from morning to night 😊

Aada was also so happy with her makeup and hairstyle and said, 'Mom, can Riina come and do the same makeup and hairstyle when I have my confirmation?' 😃 The confirmation is still 2 years away 😅  I've just paid the invoice, and every euro was gladly spent for your important and wonderful work 😘 We will surely see each other again!"

"Thank you, Riina, for the most fabulous wedding look! You wouldn't believe how much your handiwork has been praised!! It was such a pleasure to be, I've been hearing nothing but compliments for almost a week now! And the hairstyle didn't come undone ;) You are truly the most skilled of the skilled."

"Beautiful, beautiful thanks for the perfect wedding makeup, Riina!!! The makeup felt like my own and stayed well on my face all day. :)

My bridesmaid and sister were also really satisfied with their makeup, great work!!!  I might have already mentioned this, but I guess repeating it doesn't hurt... I thought it was a cliché, brides raving about feeling the most beautiful on their wedding day. I actually felt that way, thanks to you!  

I will definitely be in touch in the future if you still do makeup for us ordinary folks! :) Thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas season!"

"Special thanks to you for the wonderful hairstyle and makeup, I was more than satisfied and the makeup stayed beautifully until the evening, and the hairstyle was surprisingly good even after the party! The hairstyles for the bridesmaid and maid of honor were also lovely 🙂"

""Super big thanks to you! Even though my instructions might have been a bit unclear, you still managed to create makeup and a hairstyle that were just like me! And maybe my burst of tears already showed it, but I was VERY satisfied with the result! I can wholeheartedly recommend you to everyone, and you can be sure that the next time I need a makeup artist or a hairstylist, I will contact you .❤️"

"The biggest thanks in the world to you for everything! The makeup and hair were absolutely fabulous for everyone! I and we were very satisfied. Nothing could have been better. The makeup and hair were so much more than I could have even hoped for. The biggest thanks to you, Riina! <3

 It was wonderful that you were part of our day, thank you! I've already managed to recommend you to a few friends. Hopefully, they will be in touch. :D Big thanks again and have a wonderful rest of the summer <3"

"Thank you so much, it was an unforgettable day, I'm still reliving the day and everyone praised my makeup and hair. 😊 And thank you, the experience was empowering and it was wonderful to feel SO beautiful! 🤩 And my husband looked even more handsome! Thank you for the great work and have a wonderful rest of the summer!"

"Thank you so much for the makeup! Thank you! Without you, the morning would probably have been much more stressful. We talked about how you really helped us relax with your conversation. 🤗 Yesterday, it felt like I was in such good and skilled hands, it was unbelievable. I stared at myself in the mirror a lot, thinking how wonderful I looked. And of course, I admired Mira a lot, oh wow! I'm so happy that I found you, because you were just perfect in making our day perfect."

"Thank you, Riina, once again for the beautiful makeup and skin jewelry! I felt really beautiful. I am so pleased that I also chose to have the skin jewelry! A frequently asked question at the wedding was: Is that a stick-on decoration? When I explained how the jewelry was made, many were surprised that it could be done this way. And I received a lot of compliments! I did tell them who did the makeup and jewelry :) My sister also turned out very beautiful, as well as my brother's partner whom you did makeup for. Wishing you a sunny continuation of spring!"

"Thank you once again so much. You were absolutely fantastic, everyone looked so beautiful! We had such a lovely morning with you. And the party was the best ❤️ we couldn't have asked for anything better!


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Do you have tattoos that you would like to decorate for the celebration? Or would you like a unique piece of jewelry designed just for you, applied directly onto your skin?

With glitters, rhinestones, and metallic body paints, I can create a sparkling eye-catcher that complements your wedding look. Tattoos also look stunning when decorated. The jewelry will last on your skin throughout the festivities and is guaranteed to attract admiration. The jewelry can be small or large, as striking as you wish!  

Ask for a quote! For more pictures and ideas on skin jewelry, visit my body painting website at


New wedding packages are coming soon! Until then, I will provide services according to my current price list.

Contact me!

You can request a quote for a wedding package tailored for you by email ( or using the form below. (Please note that during the peak season from May to September on Saturdays, the minimum billing is 650 € + travel expenses as applicable - see the price list.)

Please include the following information in your message:  
- The date of your wedding?
- Where are you getting ready, i.e., where would you like me to come on your wedding day?
- What is your schedule for that day, i.e., by what time do you/your group need to be ready?
- Are there others in your wedding party who would need makeup/hairstyling?
- What kind of hair do you/your group have, and what kind of hairstyles would you like?


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